In the Beginning…

Like many small businesses, it all started as a bit of hobby; a sort of game and a way of testing our resolve. After several years of successful business and some unexpected times of hardship, I think it’s fair to say we’ve gone through the trials and tribulations that business must encounter. What exactly do we do? We make and sell keyrings. Just keyrings.

There was a time, when we would make every product by hand, from the printing and cutting of the inserts, to the pressing of the plastic and quality control before posting them to our (very first) customers. Times changed and we expanded. We did our best to control all products first hand, but it became obvious that things needed to change. To become a keyring specialist and expert in the field, we would have to expand our product range and that meant selling more than we could produce ourselves.

Manufacturing, sourcing and importing

Although sourcing some of our products from China, we still like to keep everything as local as possible. Our warehouses based in the UK still manufacture products such as our ‘Ad-Loops’, ‘Acrylic Insert’ and ‘Plastic Cards’. Ad-Loops and Insert keyrings can often be the perfect answer for quick and effective promotional campaign.

We’re constantly working on our sustainable range of keyrings and are working with factories in Slovenia, Portugal, Poland and more – all helping to deliver well made, eco keyrings.

Sometimes however, a more specialist keyring in needed. For times like this there are huge choice, benefits and financial gains to be had in sourcing your products from further afield.

Recent developments in synthetics and flexible plastics have opened up a new market and opportunity to use keyrings in a promotional way. Indeed keyrings have now become a very effective method of company branding, not just a free giveaway. Instead, companies are using recognisable key fobs that attract attention and sell for big money. From car manufacturers to fashion giants, every big business has a custom-made key fob. For this type of design flexibility we depend on a good working relationship with our partners in China.

What’s the best way to expand your business?

Provide the right product for each and every business and have every option available. Sometimes this means doing it yourself and sometimes not. What’s important to us is that we do always try hard to get our customers the results they’re looking for. It’s a philosophy that has been the key to providing the service we remain proud of.