Orgasm during abortion

Jul 15, - The most important thing after an abortion is to keep in mind that you shouldn't put anything up your vagina for about two weeks, like Icebreaker already said. No tampons or nothing during masturbation, let alone sex. Still, this doesn't mean you can't masturbate, it just tells you how you can do it, during first. Why can't a woman have sex for a few weeks after an abortion? | Go Ask Alice! Eleanor. Age: 30. Introducing The Girl of Your Dreams If its only a few spots I wouldn't be to concerned although if it doesnt stop or becomes a heavy bleeding I would call your doctor. Dec 3, - is it normal to to have a change in the amount and intensity of orgasms after an abortion? This topic is answered by a medical expert. Susan. Age: 21. I promise you the time you spend with me, you will can never forget. Why can't a woman have sex for a few weeks after an abortion? Aug 27, - It depends on what you mean by an abortion. Medical abortions trigger a miscarriage and it can take a few days for this to conclude, it would be possible for a woman to have an orgasm whether accidently such as via vibrations on a bus or via sexual activity such as masturbation or sex (although. An orgasm can help relieve that stress and all the built up emotions. For me masturbation was always this amazing release of feelings and not always purely sexual. So dont feel bad or guilty about it. As for the spotting I would think it was normal although I have personally never had an abortion or miscarriage. If its only a.

Definition of a multiple orgasm

Yasmine. Age: 22. Hello my name is Alice In summary then, there is no good evidence for Bernds and Barash's fundamental assumption, that orgasm induces abortion in women. Their account also contains the completely undefended assumption that women would routinely have orgasm during rape. Finally, following their own logic, one can infer that orgasm. Dec 15, - During this time, no penetration of any kind, including with tampons, sex toys, fingers, or douche, is recommended. And like your friend In the meantime, a woman can have outercourse, give oral and/or manual sex to a partner, and even orgasm while she is healing from the abortion. If having an orgasm. Apr 22, - There isn't any data that I know of which associates abortion specifically with troubles with orgasm, and I keep pretty good track of these things. However, here are a After all, no matter how a pregnancy ends, there are big chemical changes to the body both during and after pregnancy. However, looking at.


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