Did you ever hear your dad spank your mom

As a bonus question i would like to know, as an adult now, do you agree with the way your parents disciplined you, and would/do you use the same It was usually my mother that did the spanking unless it was something very serious (usually school related) then my father was the one to take care of it. Remember Me - Cheryl Robinson - Google Книги Doris. Age: 21. Incall He is scarred emotionally forever. Jul 30, - Studies have shown it does and it doesn't. There is no greater fear that enters a kid's mind than when they hear "your daddy is gonna whip you when he gets home." That was the day I knew I didn't ever want to get a spanking again, and more importantly, I didn't want to disappoint my parents again. Olesya. Age: 25. spicy and daring Kids Today Need Spanking More Than Ever Though a year later on my 20th birthday, trust me I was much much more behaved and listen to when my dad told me what to do. . pony that i might be buying in a few months and one of my non-horsey friends said: how can such a small pony cost over a million that your mum is going to pay for him!? Spanking (open hand), being sent to my room, getting a stern talking to, or the old fashioned "just wait til your father gets home." I didn't get punished often, mainly because I was good and didn't really do anything to warrant the punishment. The worst thing I ever did was walk home from school when the.

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Aria. Age: 24. Mature sexy smart and sophisticated, visiting you at Loving—liking—this teasing side of her, he said, “Someone is just asking for a spanking, isn't she?” “What is it with the Porter men and spankings? Your dad told me your mom used to spank you when you sassed her. And he recommended I do the same. But he did warn me that you would spank me right back.” “I guess. “Your dad wants to talk to you.” “Tell him I'm busy.” Dad thrusts the phone at Mom. She shakes her head. He brings it back to his ear. “She's not being very cooperative. hic!” “How long has she been having contractions? When did this start?” “Honey? How long hic! have you been having contractions?” “A few hours maybe? “Dad, I want to talk to you,” Mia said after her mother had let her in the house and she went upstairs to her father's home. “Talk to me about what? I don't hear your brothers complaining. You're an adult now. Hell, I didn't like mine either. But did you ever hear me crying about it? My father didn't love me. But he was there.


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