Peeing at concerts

Anyone have any tips? I always get anxiety about peeing when im at concerts and if im alone i could lose a good spot at the show. im seeing radiohead. Let me know: What about taking a pee when you´re in the 1st row all day? Little. Age: 28. hello dear gentleman Was totally worth it. Unless they were making big fuss about actually walking into the tent. Jun 30, - I know you had an interesting encounter with people while squatting to relieve yourself yesterday during a concert. Can you please elaborate? So yeah, yesterday two friends and I were peeing by Arena Stage by a tree in the middle of everything, and two girls were holding a blanket while I was peeing. Zuzana. Age: 24. I'm actually 25 years old 11 Steps To Having The Best Time Possible At A Concert The Stadium Pal helps people enjoy sporting events, concerts, theater and other events without missing any part of the fun. Numerous sports The Stadium Pal is the ultimate portable urinal because it provides a reliable and safe solution to constant pee breaks, unnecessary pit stops and incontinence problems. Here are a. top and in my attempt to change my aim to the ground, I peed all over the girls' legs. They both screamed and said that was gross, and proceeded to wipe their legs off on my cousin and I. But, luckily, after that they laughed it off and invited us to smoke a bowl with them. It turned out to be a good do you pee/take a shit at big concerts.

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Mrs. Age: 21. My name is Alex (29 yo Ugh, looked on google for other people's questions and replies about this seems it's common for people at concerts to piss in bottles and cups and throw them in to audience. Gross! eye popping smiley. I'll be throwing my 2 litre cola bottle of pee at the toffs in the segregated cattle pens down the front ;-). Feb 28, - Do it with someone who's not going to get bored and ask when the singing part starts. And it's always fun to go with somebody special to you — some of my most favorite memories are of the concerts I've shared with my family members or significant others. Plus, they'll totally hold your coat while you pee. Sep 7, - You never want to be near the front of a huge concert. Having to go to the bathroom would be the least of your worries. posted by cowbellemoo at PM on September 7, If it's a sunny day (it doesn't have to be very hot), don't court heat stroke. Stay hydrated and pee when you need to. I knew a guy  Help me pee in public - urination anxiety | Ask MetaFilter.


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